The 9 Best Affiliate Tracking Software Solutions

Custom – If you are expecting 90,000+ conversions in a month, you’d have to request for custom pricing. Moreover, if you pick this plan, you also get to demand custom features. Lastly, the Scaleo team also offers you the flexibility to modify an existing plan as well.

PostAffiliatePro is the Most Reviewed and #1 Rated Affiliate Software. Manage multiple affiliate programs, track affiliate partner performance, assign commissions and issue payouts on one platform. It is a trusted affiliate software for tracking leads, clicks, and signups. This intuitive, expandable, and scalable affiliate tracking system empowers organizations by giving them the ability to control and manage their affiliates, setups, and commissions.

Also, Voluum comes with robust authentication and encryption methods to help you keep your confidential data safe and sound. This platform isn’t only useful in affiliate management; it also comes with tools that help boost conversions. Among its key propositions is its real-time campaign tracking module. With this, you can generate real-time stats and customize the content of each report.

Media Management

Traffic – Similarly, you can pay $59/month for 125,000 monthly clicks and the advanced feature of custom subdomain parking. Custom – If you represent an enterprise-level business, you should get in touch with the AffiliateWP team for custom pricing. As far as the reporting is concerned, Scaleo offers 30+ data breakdowns and 50+ data points along with rich statistics. Furthermore, it also offers 10+ targeting rules to effectively reach the right audience.

It also comes with robust affiliate diagnostics and program diagnostics options to help businesses pinpoint how to optimize their marketing efforts. Like most of the products on this list, Trackier also provides advanced reporting capabilities that allow you to check your campaign progress in real-time. It also helps you manage your networks as well as see the performance of your affiliates. What makes it stand out, however, is its sophisticated features for fraud detection, data retrieval, and SmartLinking. In this article, we will be listing the 20 best affiliate marketing software solutions on the market to help you find the right one for your company.

Lastly, the platform comes with open API functionalities that make it easily scalable and configurable. Creating well-informed business decisions can be difficult when you don’t have actionable data to base your choices on. To help you gain better insight into the purchase process and keep tabs on your lead conversions, Tune provides powerful real-time reporting tools. On top of this, email marketing, affiliate tracking, and fraud management integrations are included in their packages.

  • This allows MLM businesses to focus on enrolling distributors and customers and selling your products and services while MarketPowerPRO handles everything else.
  • At the moment she is applying her knowledge and skills to help grow theSupermetrics partner program.
  • The most successful publishers in the affiliate marketing space combine the two to get the best of both worlds.
  • Further, you can choose between two options that you want to give the commission instantly or manually.
  • Refer to the checklist at the top of each article to see whether your next tool offers what you need to run a successful program.
  • Offerslook’s reporting is great, too, with its in-depth reports.

We offer extensive customer support and are on hand to help you with any problems. The Personal plan, which costs $150 a month, includes 500,000 sessions, ad networks support, and unlimited integrations. The Advanced plan costs $300 monthly and includes exclusive features such as allowing premium affiliate networks, webhooks, and Facebook Conversion API. Finally, your affiliate tracking software should be affordable.

The #1 Rated And Most Reviewed Affiliate Marketing Software

There is a provision of a feedback form that helps in lead generation. You can track and monitor your business seamlessly using this software and provide the personalized structure of the commission and monitor the payouts. Using this tool, you can also delay the process of paying commissions and approve the commissions manually. It refers to the software that you buy and install on your server. These can integrate with payment solution providers and allow choosing the payment options. Find the best project management platforms to manage your projects.

If you are, there’s a good chance you’ve joined multiple affiliate platforms. This is great as you have the chance to promote a lot of companies, but can also be challenging when it comes to tracking and attributing conversions. Our customer support staff is here to help answer any questions you have on how to start and grow your affiliate program.We are availableby Live Chat, email and online appointments. Trackier uses a subscription model that offers different levels of conversions for online businesses, which means great flexibility in how you wish to build your own affiliate network. Pricing starts at $499 per month with up to 40,000 conversions. Everflow is quite an expensive piece of affiliate tracking software, which means it is probably not the right fit for SMBs that just want to manage their affiliate promoters.

I cannot say enough good things about this product and team. A fantastic “getting started” guide takes you through the configuration, and live chat support is just a click away in case you need help. The support is second-to-none– fast and genuinely helpful.

affiliate management platform

It includes some advanced features like 100 affiliate finder credits, custom agreement, custom domain, double-sided incentives, etc. The differentiating factors among Rewardful plans are transaction fees, affiliate finder credits, revenue from affiliates, and a few advanced features. Rewardful is extremely flexible when it comes to setting up commission rules. You can create percentage-based, fixed-amount commissions, one-time commissions, and recurring commission rules. The tool also automatically handles refunds, upgrades, downgrades, etc. Cloud – You’d have to pay $39/month and manage unlimited affiliates for up to 50,000 monthly clicks or traffic.

Program Optimization

The Affiliate section is also added to the client portal dashboard. Points to remember while setting up the Affiliate system on the merchant’s dashboard. Details of the affiliate to whom the commission is dispersed.

affiliate management platform

It features a handful of marketing and reporting features you’d expect from such an extensive network. Naturally, this approach took a considerable amount of time, and brands did not have the bandwidth necessary to undertake such an endeavor. This is one of the most significant advantages of affiliate marketing compared to alternative marketing methods such as sponsored posts.

Multiple Affiliate Tiers

OSI Affiliate is an affordable and simple to use affiliate marketing software that is great for beginners to the affiliate marketing game. It allows for easy creation of automated partnerships and referral programs. Their software allows for you to easily manage your campaigns all in one place with email templates, excellent reporting, and even discount code management.

After the process is over, we will send the login details to your mailbox. I have been using Post Affiliate Pro for 1 year and have found it extremely beneficial to my company’s growth. Not only is the software excellent, but the support is superb.

You may recruit and manage your affiliates by segmenting them based on their performance and preferences, and you can choose what sort of payment is appropriate for each segment. Payouts are automatic with PartnerCentric and can be automated based on predefined conditions. You don’t have to authorize every transaction manually, and lead monitoring maintains track of all your leads’ statuses.

We provide a mix of both observational and actionable data to prepare you for your next move better. Through our affiliate software, you can observe what has worked for others and how to apply that success to your business model. So, how does an affiliate software like Purply change all that?

Affise presents an enterprise solution to track, manage and analyze ad campaigns in one place. You may choose up to three different pricing plans – Pro, Ultimate, and Network. The pricing starts at $97/month, and the main difference among subscription levels is the number of tracking requests per month. The price is based on the features you need and the volume of traffic you have. Customer support is available to help you set up and improve the development of your portal, and real-time customer feedback is used to improve the software. Tune is a popular partner management software used by networks and brands around the world.

For all of these robust features, Anytrack is very easy to use. You can quickly and easily add the Anytrack tag to your funnel or website, just as you would add the Facebook Pixel. Once it’s set up, sit back and watch the conversion data come in. Another great affiliate management feature is to make data-driven decisions based on real-time analytics, actionable insights, and affiliate activities. The pricing ranges from $129 a month, including advanced features. The ultimate plan costs $249 a month and is perfect for those who want to build their own affiliate empire.

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All of these three plans grant some common features like partner payouts, link-based attribution, resource management, analytics, anti-fraud system, etc. One of the greatest characteristics that make Scaleo the best affiliate marketing software is its feature distribution. All three plans offer all the core features and support unlimited link clicks. Apart from all the conventional affiliate marketing & management features, Scaleo offers several automation tools and AI technology to easily scale & grow your business. It is a meticulous task to create a program, manage affiliate marketers, track their performance, and release their affiliate commissions on time.

Manage Multiple Affiliate Programs, Track Affiliate Partner Performance, Assign Commissions

Again, the lead tracking software helps you track leads, and you can set up affiliate support at different levels. To increase your partner database, you will definitely register your affiliate program with various affiliate networks. Your platform must be compatible with their affiliate network software. That’s where postbacks, APIs, data feeds, affiliate management platform report exports come in handy. Affiliate managers rely on Publisher Discovery for unique insight and analysis on their competitors’ affiliate programmes, to help identify, engage and recruit new affiliate partners. Using AI we rank and match these affiliates through machine learning to your specific needs so you can find your best affiliates.

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YITH WooCommerce Affiliates is considered to be the best plugin for affiliate marketing. It is a WordPress affiliate software that allows shop owners to create affiliate profiles. You can use it for banner management, tracking affiliates, commission management, email marketing, multi-level marketing, detecting fraud, social sharing, etc.

It lets you offer per-campaign as well as lifetime commission tracking, support 2nd-tier commissions while allowing you to create branded links. Moreover, it is equipped with a marketing materials portal that simplifies the relaying of all affiliate promotional files. It also offers real-time reporting that aids you in making accurate commission payments to your affiliate marketers. The best affiliate marketing software solution of 2022 is Post Affiliate Pro for its comprehensive features and unified management interface.

Looking to expand your audience and reach international customers? Tapfiliate supports six languages, including French, Spanish, and German. Reward top affiliates by issuing bonuses once they reach a certain number of referred customers. For example, those who reach your VIP tier and generate $5,000 of revenue could earn a $150 cash bonus.

Create an affiliate program you’re proud of, and we’ll supply you with the rest. FlexOffers comes with a database where advertisers can upload their promotional content. This way, publishers need not search for photos and other creative content about your brand from third-party sources. This not only makes it more convenient for publishers; it also allows advertisers to protect their branding throughout the campaign. Rakuten leverages artificial intelligence and analytics to help you keep tabs on affiliate performance. Moreover, it gives you insights on how you can further optimize your campaigns, making it easier to maximize your affiliates.

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